Witness Maria Ines Bogado and Jorge Lopez dance their hearts to tango. The song is “Una vez” by Osvaldo Pugliese, sung by Alberto Morán.

Classes will start and end punctually by Quique on Wednesdays in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street at 1930. I particularly like the way he walks in and out of the various lines of dance. ‘Tis a favourite of mine 😉



Don’t tell anyone but there might be something we might be up to soon.


They look really good don’t they? I wish they taught as well 😦

What? They do! Yes, Alejandro Segovia and Monina Paz will be teaching in Cork for a weekend in November 10th and 11th.

Now I know we put it on Facebook, send out the mailchimp, announced it at classes on a Wednesday and the milonga on Sunday – repeatedly. We even had it on our own website for a week already. A bit fatigued? Well, you tend to get exhausted when you are trying to make sure we covered all the bases!

Tell you what I will be there and I promised to cabeceo you if you come 😉

Tango Moment #22

Ladies should carefully observe how the man dances with other women and from that visual information they can conclude many things.

Tango Mentor on what women look for. It is worth a read. It is the difference between sitting down for hours and dancing for hours…

It’s science!

Well, we all knew it but here is proof:

Not all dancing has the same power: it is improvised dancing, rather than choreographed dancing, that has the highest impact on the brain.

Come to tango. All the sexy and intelligent people go there!

Look at those legs!

Witness Federico Naveira and Sabrina Masso tango the masterpiece of a cacophony of legs. We might invite them back again

Tango starts at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel, McCurtin Street. Tango to your heart’s content.

(HT: Too many people!)

I love this song…

Another famous couple who graced our dance floor. Pablo Daniel Martinez and Veronica Rue have visited us before and were one of the lucky couples who it was amazing to watch. Witness them dance to an old classic – Desde El Alma

Beginners start at 1930 on Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel. Maybe this song will be played during the night