A bite that seems weird

It doesn’t taste as good with the wrapper on! A five euro donation at 2000 hours in the Cork County Cricket Club in Richard Beamish Grounds on Mardyke Walk will help with shifting the calories. Any excuse to dance tango! Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cancel the milonga. The next milonga willContinue reading “A bite that seems weird”

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Remember when they came to Cork Festival a few years back? David Benitez showing how it is done on his own! Tango classes start at 1930 this Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street. I should to go and do some implementation of what I know… FYI Our regular teacher is sick so it willContinue reading “Practice! Practice! Practice!”

Back to the beginning

Come to our new Tango Basics class with Mariusz and Amy! Amy Prendergast has over 20 years teaching experience. She is a contemporary dancer and lecturer in Performing Arts. Learn how to improve your alignment, coordination and connection.  This happens on Sundays for the next few weeks before the milonga is on. It costs five euro and starts at 1900.Continue reading “Back to the beginning”