Jenny & Ricardo Oria


Dates: 13th to 15th April 2018
Venue: The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal, Co Cork

Friday 13th April,  The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal

Class 1    5 to 6.30 pm   All Levels class 
Jenny and Ricardo
Vital Tango. Connection with the music and your partner. Understanding the Embrace and the Walk

Class 2    6.45 to 8.15 pm     Intermediate
Pablo and Veronica
Giro – all the secrets to perfection

8.30 pm to 1.30 am     Milonga    with group dance by the teachers
DJ Johan Steyn

Saturday 14th April,    The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal
Class 3    11 to 12.30 pm   Intermediate
Jenny and Ricardo
Milonga Milonguera – “The Drunken Sailor” and other stories. Ideas for inspiration to dance tango’s more rhythmical cousin.

Class 4      12.45 to 2.15 pm    All Levels
Ladies Technique with Veronica
Working on axis, velocity, musicality, the pivots, decorations and elegance.

TANGO  CAFÉ       2 to 6.30 pm

Class 5    2.30 to 4 pm    Intermediate
Jenny and Ricardo
The Four C’s in Vals rhythm – Cadencia, Crosses and Cortes and Contra movements

Class 6    4.15 to 5.45 pm    All levels
Jenny and Ricardo
Curving Tango – from ochos into merry go rounds. Technique, direction plus balance

Class 7    6 to 7.30 pm   Advanced
Pablo and Veronica
Silence – make the most of the pause and controlling transitions

9 pm to 2.00am   Tango Ball with performances
DJ Enrique ‘Lora’ Ringa

Sunday 15th April   The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal
Class 8    11.30 to 1 pm   Advanced
Jenny and Ricardo
Curves, Invasions and Foot play in a close embrace – understanding movement together, dissociation and technique

Class 9    1.15 to 2.45 pm Intermediate
Pablo and Veronica
Complex sequences – the favourite sequence of Pablo and Veronica

TANGO  CAFÉ        1.30 to 4.30 pm

Class 10     3 to 4.30 pm Intermediate/Advanced
Jenny and Ricardo
La Cadena – probably one of the most beautiful steps in tango. Leading with panache, following with elegance.

6.30pm     Closing get together for a meal in Cork’s city centre Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain St, Cork

8.30 pm to 12 midnight      Closing Milonga, Metropole Hotel 
DJ’s Pablo Daniel Martinez and Veronica Rue


Veronica Rue & Pablo Daniel Martinez

We have them both before but why did we ask them back? Because they are awesome!