Julio Mendez & Mariana Galassi dance tango. You can take video of a couple dancing and you might spot the flaws. But in the end, it is just tango.

Classes start at 1900 on Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street. Tango waits for you

That is not correct


He is definitely off in the embrace!

It looks like he is leaning! She should say no! The milonga starts at 2000 hours this Sunday in the James Street 1767 on Washington Street opposite the Court House. See you there with the correct embrace 😉

Leaders’ turn

After my last post on what not to as a follower, it would be remiss of me not to address leaders as well.

If you attend many different milongas you will notice varying degrees of floorcraft i.e. how you successfully navigate the floor while being conscious of the other dancers and the dance in general. You may be oblivious to this or you share my frustration with attending numerous milongas.

This is a good video outlining some of the problems leaders face:

Any other problems you can think of? Let us know in the comments below!

What not to do as a follower!

We get to welcome Magdalena Myszka to teach the intermediate and advanced classes today. It is the start of the 6 weeks for beginners so feel free to come along. Check out the video below for how not to do it if you follow!

Yulia Maluta from Tango L’amore showing how not to follow and then what to do to improve. Our regular teacher, Enrique Ringa, will be teaching beginners classes from 1900 in the Metropole Hotel this Wednesday on MacCurtain Street to later be joined by Magdalena.