Annual General Meeting 2017

The 2017 Annual General Meeting for Cork Tango will take place on Sunday 2nd July in the Metropole Hotel at 1830 in the Joyce Suite on the first floor. Please send proposals by e-mail to

Feel like you have something to say? If only they tried to get this right! Come and speak your mind or forever hold your peace 😉

Classic song, wonderful dancers

Sayaka Higuchi and Joscha Engel dance a wonderful song. It is “Viviani” by Carlos Di Sarli. An old classic danced beautifully by these two.

Tango lessons start at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel, McCurtin Street as always. Maybe this song will be playing…

Ooh look at the shoes!

Madame Pivot has come to real capital Cork! Our neighbours, Ireland, can benefit as well from the superb sexy shoes that are on offer. They will be on Galway and other parts of the country over time.

Ireland Madame Pivot

Contact the Facebook group for more information. I promise I will do so soon, very soon because they have Monsieur Pivot as well!

Follower Versus Leader

Food for thought from Kim Benitez.

In my first few years of studying tango, I often felt that the role of the follower was overlooked in many of the group classes I took. The emphasis of the class was very much what the leader should do, with perhaps the occasional nod towards the follower.


I would love to do the follower part but there are never enough men. Maybe in time I will

Ooh, is that song playing?

Watch Griselda Duarte and Alejandro Hermida dance to that well-known milonga. Despite their smiles their feet at in motion to the timing in the music.

Classes start at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel, McCurtin Street on Wednesday. Hope to see you there.