They love live music…

Paulina Cazabon and José Luis González dance “El barrio del tambor” played live by Orquesta Silbando. I love the way she plays with his feet. New classes start from this week on at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street:

Private lesson with Enrique – 1820 hrs
Beginners class – 1930 hrs
Technique class for all levels – 2030 hrs
Improvers/intermediate class – 2100 hrs
Practice for all levels – 2200 hrs

Interested in Nuveo?

It is not tango. It is not vals. It is not milonga. It is nuevo. Witness Serkan Gokcesu & Cecilia Garcia having fun. Check out one sample below:

On Saturday 16th February finger food included plus the Cork Cricket Club has a full bar. Bookings to Hazel at or at the desk on Wednesdays at weekly class. Check out the details here

Few Things

Got that tango itch? Haven’t we all… Few things that are happening.

1 – Want to learn tango nuevo? We know there are three types of tango but what is we another one? We are running an event on Saturday the 16th February. This means that there will be no milonga on Sunday that weekend.

2 – Our regular Sunday night milonga is back to its regular slot of starting at 8 and finishing at 11.

3 – For the month of January there is a special offer. 50 EUR to pay for six classes. We like to do that though… The next six classes rota starts at the 20th February.

4 – Finally, what is the cabeceo about?