Tango FAQ

How much does it cost?

One class cost €12.50. You can generate a saving by buying six classes at €70 each saving one class.  There are reductions available for OAP/unemployed/student upon production of valid ID or recent receipt.

Our regular Sunday milonga we ask for a donation of €5 and you can enjoy the music as long as it is playing. It starts at 2000 every night and end at 2300 ish. Depends on the relevant DJ choice. It will generally call last tanda which signals the end of the night.

What type of shoes should I wear?
Generally casual or business shoes work the best. For woman it is better to have a small rise on the heel of the shoe as you will be dancing quite a bit rather than completely flat. Alternatively there are range of tango stores online for you to peruse if you plan on sticking with it.

What does ‘Change Partner’ mean?
It means that in the class the follower will move on the next leader when it is called. There is no obligation on you to change if you don’t want to but we recommend that you change partners as you get a range of how good you are. From the very beginner to experienced dancers there is a lot of choice there.

How long do I stay at this level?
Generally it is up the teachers to decide when it is good to progress to the next level. Tell them you are interested and they will let you know depending on your level.

What is floorcraft?
It means many things. It means that we are dancing an anti-clockwise direction, flow and spacing of the line of dance. The follower closes their eyes. The leader always opens theirs. It means the couple ahead stay ahead and there is no overtaking while the music is playing. On a crowded floor, it is preferable not to pass other couples, not to take steps against the line of dance, nor to allow a big gap to open up in front of you. Moving onto the dance floor while a song is already underway is like merging onto the motorway during rush hour; wait for an open space, rather than forcing your way into the line of dancers. In the ideal world…

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