Summer Break

There are no public classes or milongas as we are taking a break. We return on the 4th 11th of September at 1930.


Small bit drowsy right now

tired the big bang theory GIF-source

So tired…

A thank you from all of us with everyone who contributed to the success of festivalito. From the Committee, the DJs and our wonderful teachers. From everyone who turned up from the wider tango community we hope to see you again soon!

Annual General Meeting 2017

The 2017 Annual General Meeting for Cork Tango will take place on Sunday 2nd July in the Metropole Hotel at 1830 in the Joyce Suite on the first floor. Please send proposals by e-mail to

Feel like you have something to say? If only they tried to get this right! Come and speak your mind or forever hold your peace 😉

Have some fun with it

Witness the fun in their eyes as they play with the music. She publishes pictures shots and recording of herself here

Classes start at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street without fail. Space for everyone. Enjoy!

All the mistakes

Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. Here are 8 of them dealt with by Tango Space. I particularly like:

Leaders do this by making eye contact with the leader of the couple arriving towards us. Once their eye have met yours (mirada), you can do a head-sign (cabeceo) towards the dance floor, so that he/she understands you are about to start dancing.

Better that than falling all over the place! Check it out!

1st Event of 2017!!!

Fancy some lessons?

We welcome Elizabeth Cordone & Matias Rivas who are teaching for one day only on Saturday 28th January in the Village Hall, 4 St. Patrick’s Quay. It promises to be a great event. Book now!