Practice! Practice! Practice!

Remember when they came to Cork Festival a few years back? David Benitez showing how it is done on his own! Tango classes start at 1930 this Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street. I should to go and do some implementation of what I know… FYI Our regular teacher is sick so it willContinue reading “Practice! Practice! Practice!”

To video or not to video…

This is a really good post by Kim Benitiz. She visited us at our Cork Tango Festival and I was lucky enough to dance with her. I knew I feel the same way. But I hated that so much watching back on a performance. You can check it out here. I particularly like: No oneContinue reading “To video or not to video…”

If you happen to be in London

One of our international couples, who attended our festival recently, put on a improvised display of vals over in London. Well, one half of them at least. Just some playful tango to vals over in London. Witness it below if interested. It is definitely of interest 😉 As the month of October draws to aContinue reading “If you happen to be in London”