There is a mistake…

This couple are making a mistake. Can you spot it? If you missed the mistake it doesn’t matter. To quote the famous movie line just keep on tangoing.

Milonga starts at 2000 in the Market Tavern, Anglesea Street this Sunday. Don’t forget the AGM is taking place at 1830 in the Joyce Suite, Metropole Hotel on McCurtin Street. The mistake will be posted on the following Wednesday 🙂

All tired out?

He just needs a minute

You should be exhausted from our festival. From the many hours where your tired feet danced away the wee hours until it was late at night. Unfortunately we will not be in our milonga on this Sunday although there will be classes as normal. Doubtless some of us will be practicing. Some will be utterly wrecked from the fantastic festival frolics. And some will just be annoyed at this barbaric practice like this polar bear!

Have you been practicing?

Have you been practicing relentlessly? Making sure you get boleos, ochos, playing with your feet? It depends on the partner of course. I like to practice from time to time. Either on my own or with a partner.

You may practice some more tonight at the Market Tavern, Anglesea Street starting at 2000 hours. Practice may make you perfect but this is tango. Life is full of mistakes- especially tango