He turns so much

Clarisa Aragon and Jonathan Saavedra

that my head is getting dizzy! And the giros and sacadas! Jayus. Clarisa Aragon and Jonathan Saavedra dance “Pata ancha” by Osvaldo Pugliese. Tango classes start at 1930 this Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street.

Tango moment #23

Leaders have a comfort zone of steps they can lead and execute without thinking too much, and that is the zone in which they can and should dance in a milonga setting, because the large part of their brain power is inevitably and necessarily being used to navigate the floor, gauge their partner’s reactions and play with the music.

There is so much in here that is so good. Worth reading from Andrea Shepherd from Life is a tango

Simple Sacada

Ester Duarte and Chiche Núñez – Café Domínguez

It is just sacada but why do I find them so difficult? Ester Duarte and Chiche Núñez dance “Café Domínguez” by Ángel D’Agostino, sung by Julián Centeya. Classes start at 1930 every Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street. Dance Tango!

They love live music…

Paulina Cazabon and José Luis González dance “El barrio del tambor” played live by Orquesta Silbando. I love the way she plays with his feet. New classes start from this week on at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street:

Private lesson with Enrique – 1820 hrs
Beginners class – 1930 hrs
Technique class for all levels – 2030 hrs
Improvers/intermediate class – 2100 hrs
Practice for all levels – 2200 hrs

Interested in Nuveo?

It is not tango. It is not vals. It is not milonga. It is nuevo. Witness Serkan Gokcesu & Cecilia Garcia having fun. Check out one sample below:

On Saturday 16th February finger food included plus the Cork Cricket Club has a full bar. Bookings to Hazel at tangocork@yahoo.ie or at the desk on Wednesdays at weekly class. Check out the details here