Witness Maria Ines Bogado and Jorge Lopez dance their hearts to tango. The song is “Una vez” by Osvaldo Pugliese, sung by Alberto Morán.

Classes will start and end punctually by Quique on Wednesdays in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street at 1930. I particularly like the way he walks in and out of the various lines of dance. ‘Tis a favourite of mine 😉



Don’t tell anyone but there might be something we might be up to soon.


They look really good don’t they? I wish they taught as well 😦

What? They do! Yes, Alejandro Segovia and Monina Paz will be teaching in Cork for a weekend in November 10th and 11th.

Now I know we put it on Facebook, send out the mailchimp, announced it at classes on a Wednesday and the milonga on Sunday – repeatedly. We even had it on our own website for a week already. A bit fatigued? Well, you tend to get exhausted when you are trying to make sure we covered all the bases!

Tell you what I will be there and I promised to cabeceo you if you come 😉

Tango is back!

Watch Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio dance “Patético” by Osvaldo Pugliese. It is awe inspiring.

Classes will start and end punctually by Quique on Wednesdays in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street at 1930. I love her playful steps as he walks…

Another Date to Save!


Damian Thompson & Magdalena Myszka

Cork Tango are delighted to welcome Damian Thompson & Magdalena Myszka to The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal, Co Cork for one day on 24th February 2018. Both are experienced dancers who have shown literally the population of the world how to dance the tango. Check out more information about Damian here.

Milonga/Ball starting at 2000 and finishes at 00130. Our very own fantastic resident DJ Enrique ‘Lora” Ringa will be mixing the decks.

More information on workshops will follow in due course 🙂

Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi are coming!

Cork Tango are delighted to announce that Daniela and Luis will be teaching and performing in Cork on 3rd and 4th June. Classes are detailed below:

Classes and Milongas

Sat 3rd June – The Village Hall

Class 1 3.15 to 4.45 pm Making Colgadas Effortless – Intermediate

Class 2 5.15 to 6.45 pm Parallel and Cross Systems – Beginners

Milonga with performance – DJ QUIQUE
9 to 1 am

Sunday 4th June

Class 3 3.15 to 4.45pm Combining Colgadas and Volcadas – Advanced

Class 4 5.15 to 6.45pm Spicing up your dance with counter movements – Intermediate

Milonga 8.30 to 12 midnight – please note this is in the Metropole Hotel

Individual Class 15 euro
2 classes 25 euro
Sat milonga 15 euro
Sun milonga 8 euro
Both milongas 20 euro

1 class and 2 milongas 35 euro
2 classes and 2 milongas 45 euro
3 classes and 2 milongas 55 euro
Full package only 65 euro for 4 classes and 2 milongas

Why do you dance?

This a wonderful video exploring why do you dance in all its forms. When you watch it you are filled with hope, joy and wonder at the breadth and magnificence of all the different ways people can dance.

Remember we teach Argentine Tango at 1930 on Wednesdays in the Metropole Hotel. I love to dance.

(HT: Tango Therapist)

How small is that table???

Historically there are not wide open spaces like there are in Cork Tango. In Buenos Aires there often dance on spaces the size of a coffee table. Like this fine gentleman and lady. Watch:

Amazing work by Ricardo Viqueira no? Don’t forget for the month of November – bring a new person to tango and get one class free. Classes start at 1930 hrs in the Metropole Hotel