Tango Moment #22

Ladies should carefully observe how the man dances with other women and from that visual information they can conclude many things.

Tango Mentor on what women look for. It is worth a read. It is the difference between sitting down for hours and dancing for hours…

It’s science!

Well, we all knew it but here is proof:

Not all dancing has the same power: it is improvised dancing, rather than choreographed dancing, that has the highest impact on the brain.

Come to tango. All the sexy and intelligent people go there!

I love this song…

Another famous couple who graced our dance floor. Pablo Daniel Martinez and Veronica Rue have visited us before and were one of the lucky couples who it was amazing to watch. Witness them dance to an old classic – Desde El Alma

Beginners start at 1930 on Wednesday in the Metropole Hotel. Maybe this song will be played during the night

Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi are coming!

Cork Tango are delighted to announce that Daniela and Luis will be teaching and performing in Cork on 3rd and 4th June. Classes are detailed below:

Classes and Milongas

Sat 3rd June – The Village Hall

Class 1 3.15 to 4.45 pm Making Colgadas Effortless – Intermediate

Class 2 5.15 to 6.45 pm Parallel and Cross Systems – Beginners

Milonga with performance – DJ QUIQUE
9 to 1 am

Sunday 4th June

Class 3 3.15 to 4.45pm Combining Colgadas and Volcadas – Advanced

Class 4 5.15 to 6.45pm Spicing up your dance with counter movements – Intermediate

Milonga 8.30 to 12 midnight – please note this is in the Metropole Hotel

Individual Class 15 euro
2 classes 25 euro
Sat milonga 15 euro
Sun milonga 8 euro
Both milongas 20 euro

1 class and 2 milongas 35 euro
2 classes and 2 milongas 45 euro
3 classes and 2 milongas 55 euro
Full package only 65 euro for 4 classes and 2 milongas

All tired out?

He just needs a minute

You should be exhausted from our festival. From the many hours where your tired feet danced away the wee hours until it was late at night. Unfortunately we will not be in our milonga on this Sunday although there will be classes as normal. Doubtless some of us will be practicing. Some will be utterly wrecked from the fantastic festival frolics. And some will just be annoyed at this barbaric practice like this polar bear!

What are you dancing to?

Javier Rodriguez & Moira Castellano dance a wonderful tango. See how they dance to different instruments in the same song.

Classes start on Wednesday at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel. Remember for the month of March beginner classes can be bought for 50 EUR for six classes. Very busy last week…