Tango Quote #5

Sometimes there is a plethora of quotes in a video that you you just said, “Watch it and see!” The video is in Spanish but with English subtitles. It focuses on the vals and what it means to, Tete Rusconi, that dancer.


Tango Quote

Sssh. Don’t tell anyone this. This is a secret. Imagine telling a beginner man he has to learn to find the rhythm of the music, watch out for navigational hazards on the dance floor, develop a strategy on the spot for dealing with them choosing from a repertoire of movements he has learned, then lead the woman to move in the intended direction with the intended speed while maintaining the connection, and then… He has to follow the woman’s response to his lead to determine the next move (within a millisecond, after all, this is not chess), and take responsibility for whatever goes wrong. And we wonder why there aren’t enough men in tango? Yet the surviving men keep trying. It must be that the rewards of tango are greater than its obstacles.

Jay Rabe