Why do we have to do every frickin time?

Tango starts at 1930 this Wednesday at the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street. Just go like!

Don’t forget the event!


Lost children. Very cute. Could be tempted with tango music.

A reminder that Lucia Seva and Gerry Roche will be teaching in the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street all day with classes. So our milonga runs from eight until midnight tonight in the Metropole Hotel. It promises to be a-MAZ-ing!

They like to improvise..

Sigrid & Murat are taking turns in this video dancing to different tunes. And it is amazing! Remember that our classes start different time from now on.

  • Beginners: 1930 to 2030 (No partner is required)
  • Intermediate: 2030 to 2145
  • Practica (All levels): 2145 to 2230
  • Milonga: 2230 to 2330

Tango starts at 1930 this Wednesday at the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street. What can you come up with?

Pass please on this question?

Is it milonguero? Is it a salon style? What about nuevo? Maybe it is other…

Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquides dance to a song by Maria Graña vocalising “Y No Puedo Olvidarte” by Osvaldo Pugliese. Tango starts (for the last time) at 1900 this Wednesday at the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street. Be there and embrace the dance.

What a student!


He is a learner!

Doesn’t matter if he is a beginner. There is a free class for all this Sunday in the Cork County Cricket Club in Richard Beamish Grounds on Mardyke Walk from 2000 to 2045 for all who are interested. You should come!

News and stuff

Changes are constant! To facilitate dancers rushing to class after work, we are moving our start time to 7.30pm from 6th June, and extending the duration of our improvers/intermediate class by 15 minutes, followed by a guided practice session under the excellent tutelage of Enrique. This is your opportunity to sort out that tricky back sacada which has eluded you, and to perfect the elegance of your walk, or simply work on what you learned in the earlier classes.

6.30pm – private lesson
7.30pm – beginners
8.30pm – improvers/intermediate
9.45pm – guided practica
10.30pm – Milonga

All good things must come to an end, but only temporarily as Cork Tango takes its annual summer break. Our last evening of classes for the season takes place on Wednesday 25th July at The Metropole Hotel, returning on 12th September from 7.30pm. Our last tanda of the season beneath the chandeliers of Cork Cricket Club will be at Milonga Evora on Sunday 22nd July, until we return on 9th September.

The Annual General Meeting of Cork Tango Society takes place on the evening of Sunday 16th September (venue and exact time to be confirmed). Save the date!