Shall we dance? ;-)

Cork Tango is happy to participate in UCC Dance workshop week open to UCC students and staff. The nominated charity is the Children’s Hospital at Cork University Hospital. A very worthy cause.


On the 16th of October from 2000 – 2100 in the Mardyke we will put on the basics on why tango is very, very, very addictive. It will be taught by tango people who have fallen in love with Argentine Tango. It is a passion. It is frustrating. It is to be in and out of love with a simple dance we called tango.


Witness Maria Ines Bogado and Jorge Lopez dance their hearts to tango. The song is “Una vez” by Osvaldo Pugliese, sung by Alberto Morán.

Classes will start and end punctually by Quique on Wednesdays in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street at 1930. I particularly like the way he walks in and out of the various lines of dance. ‘Tis a favourite of mine 😉


They look really good don’t they? I wish they taught as well 😦

What? They do! Yes, Alejandro Segovia and Monina Paz will be teaching in Cork for a weekend in November 10th and 11th.

Now I know we put it on Facebook, send out the mailchimp, announced it at classes on a Wednesday and the milonga on Sunday – repeatedly. We even had it on our own website for a week already. A bit fatigued? Well, you tend to get exhausted when you are trying to make sure we covered all the bases!

Tell you what I will be there and I promised to cabeceo you if you come 😉

Tango is back!

Watch Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio dance “Patético” by Osvaldo Pugliese. It is awe inspiring.

Classes will start and end punctually by Quique on Wednesdays in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street at 1930. I love her playful steps as he walks…

AGM Time

Cork Tango Society’s Annual General Meeting takes place on Sunday 30th September at 8pm. Members are encouraged to attend and to share their views and join in the discussion about the year ahead.

This will be followed by our weekly milonga Evora (€5). Stay to dance or practice. All levels of dancer welcome


It just makes you smile. Classes will start and end punctually by Quiqe on Wednesdays in the Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street.  Please pay and change shoes etc before the start times listed.

  • Private Class: 1830 to 1930
  • Beginners: 1930 to 2030 (No partner is required)
  • Intermediate: 2030 to 2130
  • Practica (All levels): 2130 to 2230
  • Milonga: 2230 to 2330
Danube Tango Marathon

Tango and Smiles


If you want see what is about the milonga starts at 2000 hours on Sundays in the Cork County Cricket Club in Richard Beamish Grounds on Mardyke Walk.

News from around Ireland

Galway Tango brings the elegant Natalia Cristobal Rivé back to Ireland on 22nd and 23rd September to teach an intensive programme on ladies’ technique. Ciara in Galway has all the details.


The ever-popular Sayaka Higuchi and Joscha Engel return to Inspire Tango in Dublin on the weekend of 29th and 30th September to teach a programme called “Power and Playfulness”, with evening milongas. Contact Kamila at Inspire for details and booking.