Practice. Practice. Milonga?

No-one has any idea what is happening in this photograph but he looks like he is practicing. A man can practice all he likes but it does not mean any thing unless he plans to put into practice.

Milonga happens in our new location, the Market Tavern, at 2000. The music runs until the DJ calls it a night. Practice? No! Milonga is where he should be practicing.

Milonga! Milonga! Milonga!

Ros Sartini –

It is 2017 and you probably look as buff as the people in this photo! No? Resolutions fell by the way side? Maybe you are a bit bloated but you can drop along and check it out.

Cork Argentinan Tango milonga starts on Sunday the 8th of January at 2000 in the new location of the Market Tavern, Anglesea Street Cork. Starts at eight and until the DJ calls it a night.