More vals!

As always tango classes start in the Metropole Hotel on Wednesday at 1930. He will be working on many aspects to tango but there is a flavour for everyone’s taste. Witness an improvised style of vals by Murat Erdemsel & Sigrid Van Tilbeurg recently.

Remember, that it is a special 50 EUR offer for couples for the month of October so don’t miss out!


Vals? Don’t you mean waltz?

Is waltz to do with ballroom dancing? Well, yes and no. There are four of types of tango but for the purpose of this exercise let us concentrate on the waltz or vals to use it common term.

Ruben Veliz & Sabrina Veliz are a wonderful couple who graced us on several occasions at Cork Tango Festival. They did a similar performance in Cork in 2014 as they did in this video. You can hear the distinctive rise and fall of the vals tune. The tune is La Serenata by Tanturi orchestra.

The reason this matters is because last week we worked on sequences and option in vals in the improvers and advanced classes. Something for everyone, no?