Programme is announced!

Join us from 27th-29th September at the Ambassador Hotel for three days with our festival stars, Murat Erdemsel and Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh. Details of the programme can be found here.

Remember though bookings take place from the 30th of April only at Cork Tango Festivalito


Save another date

It is well known we invite the very best to our shore! They have featured in our videos before. Murat and Sigrid will visit us from 27th to 29th September 2019 at Cork Tango Festivalito. Can’t wait!

They like to improvise..

Sigrid & Murat are taking turns in this video dancing to different tunes. And it is amazing! Remember that our classes start different time from now on.

  • Beginners: 1930 to 2030 (No partner is required)
  • Intermediate: 2030 to 2145
  • Practica (All levels): 2145 to 2230
  • Milonga: 2230 to 2330

Tango starts at 1930 this Wednesday at the Metropole Hotel on MacCurtin Street. What can you come up with?

Just watch

Murat Erdemsel & Sigrid van Tilbeurgh are dancing along. They are improvising “damisela encantadora” by Francisco Lomuto as you do when the milonga is playing.

Classes start in the Metropole Hotel this Wednesday on MacCurtain Street on 1900. Improvise a bit maybe? 😉

Awe struck!

Just watch. It’s amazing

Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh and Murat Erdemsel are dancing to perfection. We will do our best to emaulate them on Wednesday at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel, McCurtin Street. See you there

To a new year

The song is ‘Uno’ The composer is Alibo Troilo. Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh and Murat Erdemsel improvised a dance. And it is beautiful

Witness magic in motion as we welcome 2017

More vals!

As always tango classes start in the Metropole Hotel on Wednesday at 1930. He will be working on many aspects to tango but there is a flavour for everyone’s taste. Witness an improvised style of vals by Murat Erdemsel & Sigrid Van Tilbeurg recently.

Remember, that it is a special 50 EUR offer for couples for the month of October so don’t miss out!