No milonga…

There is no milonga on Sunday the 30th of October due to the jazz weekend. Looks likes you will have find your own way of getting the boogie on.

Getting the boogie on!

See you on Wednesday!


Dancing in the sea

Sometimes, we wish that we could go dancing in the sea…

Origin: Unknown. Instagram: tango_argentino

Origin: Unknown. Instagram: tango_argentino

We hold our regular Sunday night milonga starting at 2000 hrs until the DJ calls it a night at the Metropole Hotel. Dance until the waves etch away the beautiful figures on the sand…

Practica? On a Wednesday?


Yes, Enrique Ringa will be on holidays this week so they will a Beginner’s Class taught by members of Cork Argentine Tango Society from 1930 – 2030. And then will be a practica. A practica is different from milonga. Here people can take what you learned and ask questions during it. Questions about technique, timing of a movement or if what you learned is different to what was taught. Believe that has happened to the best of us!

Remember if you turn up as a couple there is a special offer when you can pay per person 50 EUR for six classes only for the month of October. Remember, the card you receive lasts forever!

Alternatively you can practice on your own as this lady does. Practice. Practice – Milonga!

Tango Maze

Every wondered what was the point to life? If there was any point in going on? Stuck with a puzzle that wasn’t your own choosing?

Origin Unknown: Instagram: tango_argentino

Origin Unknown. Instagram: tango_argentino

Come to the tango. If you have questions and fancy some helpful advice why not come along to our free beginners class this Sunday from 2000 – 2100 hrs? Otherwise sit back and let the music sweep you off the floor from 2100 onwards

Neuvo what now?

A reminder that there is a Milonga Evora on Sunday 2nd of October in the Metropole Hotel starting on 2000. DJ ‘Ducky’ Day will play from 2000 until late. Of course with him playing it will mean that there will be an added Tango Nuevo tanda or two.

For those are are wondering “What the hell is a tango nuevo like?” check out the video below demonstrating what a tango nuevo actually does. Bear in mind the two dancers are very good:

So if you are watching and thinking: “I could never dance that well!” let me in a little secret. So do I! Come along and watch this night away as the music fades away

Fancy coming as a couple?

As part of Cork Argentine Tango Society’s unique contribution to Urban October we are pleased to annouce that for new couples who want to try it out it is only 50 euro per person for 6 classes for the entire month of October. Classes on Wed nights in the Metropole Hotel: beginners at 7.30pm; intermediate class at 8.30pm; advanced class at 9.30pm followed by a milonga.

In addition to this our beginner’s classes are completely free on Sundays the 9th and the 16th of October. As always there is the Milonga Evora every Sunday night in the Metropole Hotel. They will start later than usual as the those two nights kicking off at 8.45 p.m.

For further details please contact us on Facebook, by phone on 087-2627887 or email: tangocork AT yahoo DOT ie


There were three classes on Wednesday and you aren’t sure whether to come along or not. They were so good. And you were so rusty…

We all had to start somewhere. Come along on Sunday 18th of September at 2030 in the Metropole Hotel ending at whatever time the DJ chooses. You will be amazed by people approaching you and asking you to dance…

Milonga in the past…

For those of you who were interested this is The Curse by Anges Obel. I tried it out as the part of our Nuevo/Alternative tanda. The fact that everyone danced to the one song meant that it will be repeated often.

Also to the nice people who turned up right at the end. The DJ calls it at the end of the milonga. He had called it as the last two tandas were fairly flat with not many people dancing so that was the last tango when you turned up. If our paths will cross again, across the sea, I will dance with you then!