Leaders’ turn

After my last post on what not to as a follower, it would be remiss of me not to address leaders as well.

If you attend many different milongas you will notice varying degrees of floorcraft i.e. how you successfully navigate the floor while being conscious of the other dancers and the dance in general. You may be oblivious to this or you share my frustration with attending numerous milongas.

This is a good video outlining some of the problems leaders face:

Any other problems you can think of? Let us know in the comments below!


Come ‘ere to me!

What is a cabeceo like? Here in Cork we are a very small group but we try our best to use cabeceo, mirada, etc, to dance with everyone in the group.

On our regular Sunday night I will dance with everyone but only those who respond to my cabaceo. There is a whole culture that you have understand. I might look across the crowded dance floor to nod my head. Now the woman might not be interested; might not see me; might be unable to see me or she is busy chatting away the tanda as her feet are tried.

They could be anyone or more of the reasons. What this video also captures is gender neutral nature of cabeco. It works both ways. And this is one of men to watch most intensely.