Neuvo what now?

A reminder that there is a Milonga Evora on Sunday 2nd of October in the Metropole Hotel starting on 2000. DJ ‘Ducky’ Day will play from 2000 until late. Of course with him playing it will mean that there will be an added Tango Nuevo tanda or two. For those are are wondering “What theContinue reading “Neuvo what now?”

Fancy coming as a couple?

As part of Cork Argentine Tango Society’s unique contribution to Urban October we are pleased to annouce that for new couples who want to try it out it is only 50 euro per person for 6 classes for the entire month of October. Classes on Wed nights in the Metropole Hotel: beginners at 7.30pm; intermediateContinue reading “Fancy coming as a couple?”

Vals? Don’t you mean waltz?

Is waltz to do with ballroom dancing? Well, yes and no. There are four of types of tango but for the purpose of this exercise let us concentrate on the waltz or vals to use it common term. Ruben Veliz & Sabrina Veliz are a wonderful couple who graced us on several occasions at CorkContinue reading “Vals? Don’t you mean waltz?”

Tango Quote #3

Tango is danced closely. Sometimes even very close. It certainly looks very intimate. But not necessarily should be. Dancers, especially men, should not abuse the intimacy. A woman is a queen, and should be respected as such. For a man, it is most important to respect and protect, and even follow his partner… Gentlemen, itContinue reading “Tango Quote #3”

A teasing video…

…to start the new year. This is classic stage tango. Although three and a half million can’t be wrong I suppose. Witness Magdalena Valdez and Facundo Gallo dancing what they love to do to a wonderful orchestra. Want to dance like that? Want to be held like that? Want to feel like that? We allContinue reading “A teasing video…”