Women – thank you

This is why we are so thankful to all the women out there.

Slowly, through socializing and lots of creative projects with other women in the community, I started to discover how much loving, caring attunement, hilarity and fun there can be in women’s friendships. How worthy of trust these women were. – Mitra Martin

I remember turning up to one tango milonga on a Sunday night. I was one of five men present. I had been dancing five years at this point. I was with the least experience of the five men present. And I wondered where the hell had all the women gone?

It eventually filled up and there were not enough men to go around. And once again there was beautiful girls in flowing dresses waiting to be picked out. The feet were tapping in time to the music. The faces were neutral but their hearts wanted to sink into the tango world; to carve out the gorgeous circles as they travelled around the room; to give meaning to the word tango if only for twelve minutes.

Have a read. And be the difference you want to see in the world.

(HT: Galway Tango)

Do you dream?

Are you vividing remembering your dreams or do sleep soundly and safely in your dreams? What do you dream of? Do you dream of tango? Practicing your tango steps and then, all of a sudden, there is a gorgeous partner dancing with you?

Come to tango when will we all practice our tango dreams…

Remember if you turn up as a couple there is a special offer when you can pay per person 50 EUR for the month of October

Is the pose right in this picture?

Are you wondering if the pose is right is this picture? Maybe the sumo is overreaching? The posture is all off… If you have questions and fancy some helpful advice why not come along to our free beginners class this Sunday from 2000 – 2045 hrs?

Unknow origin. Instagram: tango_argentino
Unknown origin. Instagram: tango_argentino

After that the DJ will play the music long into night. While there we will dance tango to our hearts’ content…

More vals!

As always tango classes start in the Metropole Hotel on Wednesday at 1930. He will be working on many aspects to tango but there is a flavour for everyone’s taste. Witness an improvised style of vals by Murat Erdemsel & Sigrid Van Tilbeurg recently.

Remember, that it is a special 50 EUR offer for couples for the month of October so don’t miss out!

Neuvo what now?

A reminder that there is a Milonga Evora on Sunday 2nd of October in the Metropole Hotel starting on 2000. DJ ‘Ducky’ Day will play from 2000 until late. Of course with him playing it will mean that there will be an added Tango Nuevo tanda or two.

For those are are wondering “What the hell is a tango nuevo like?” check out the video below demonstrating what a tango nuevo actually does. Bear in mind the two dancers are very good:

So if you are watching and thinking: “I could never dance that well!” let me in a little secret. So do I! Come along and watch this night away as the music fades away

Fancy coming as a couple?

As part of Cork Argentine Tango Society’s unique contribution to Urban October we are pleased to annouce that for new couples who want to try it out it is only 50 euro per person for 6 classes for the entire month of October. Classes on Wed nights in the Metropole Hotel: beginners at 7.30pm; intermediate class at 8.30pm; advanced class at 9.30pm followed by a milonga.

In addition to this our beginner’s classes are completely free on Sundays the 9th and the 16th of October. As always there is the Milonga Evora every Sunday night in the Metropole Hotel. They will start later than usual as the those two nights kicking off at 8.45 p.m.

Taken by http://www.venividi.ie/
Taken by http://www.venividi.ie/

For further details please contact us on Facebook, by phone on 087-2627887 or email: tangocork AT yahoo DOT ie

What does milonga actually mean?

People have many words for things. Take milonga as a example. It has milonga as the social dance where we dance tango. It has the specific meaning of a type of dance that is danced at tango where experienced dancers dance the double beat – sometimes very fast. Also another meaning is a the type of song where people can just wait and experienced the music meandering milongaesque to the soul.

In this type of song men dance with men. Women dance with women. The proposer and the follower are interchangeably and not limited by gender of who they are. In this song witness Enrique and Guillermo de Fazio dance milonga the way the best love to dance.

Need more? Come to tango…