Is the pose right in this picture?

Are you wondering if the pose is right is this picture? Maybe the sumo is overreaching? The posture is all off… If you have questions and fancy some helpful advice why not come along to our free beginners class this Sunday from 2000 – 2045 hrs? After that the DJ will play the music longContinue reading “Is the pose right in this picture?”

Neuvo what now?

A reminder that there is a Milonga Evora on Sunday 2nd of October in the Metropole Hotel starting on 2000. DJ ‘Ducky’ Day will play from 2000 until late. Of course with him playing it will mean that there will be an added Tango Nuevo tanda or two. For those are are wondering “What theContinue reading “Neuvo what now?”

What does milonga actually mean?

People have many words for things. Take milonga as a example. It has milonga as the social dance where we dance tango. It has the specific meaning of a type of dance that is danced at tango where experienced dancers dance the double beat – sometimes very fast. Also another meaning is a the typeContinue reading “What does milonga actually mean?”

Milonga in the past…

For those of you who were interested this is The Curse by Anges Obel. I tried it out as the part of our Nuevo/Alternative tanda. The fact that everyone danced to the one song meant that it will be repeated often. Also to the nice people who turned up right at the end. The DJContinue reading “Milonga in the past…”