What type of embrace do you like?

Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes on what constitutes the correct embrace. Why do you ask? Because there are many types of embrace. Milogeuro. Salon. Nuevo. You can check it out if you want but be warned there is an actual cost if you want to fully check it out. A similar event was done recentlyContinue reading “What type of embrace do you like?”

End of the Old. Beginning of the New

The next beginner class starts on the 1st of June for six weeks. It is important to realise that the ending of the classes is Wednesday the 27th of July… but that it starts all again on Wednesday 14th September in the Metropole Hotel at 1930! The Sunday night milonga finishes on the 31st ofContinue reading “End of the Old. Beginning of the New”

Tango Quote

Sssh. Don’t tell anyone this. This is a secret. Imagine telling a beginner man he has to learn to find the rhythm of the music, watch out for navigational hazards on the dance floor, develop a strategy on the spot for dealing with them choosing from a repertoire of movements he has learned, then leadContinue reading “Tango Quote”