Requiescat in pace

Often life comes and goes. We live life to the full or we don’t live life at all. This was a life lived but he is gone too soon. We will celebrate that life of Michael (Mick) Murphy.

Michael Murphy

There were many parts to Mick’s life but for us the life was tango. Mick was known to many people within Cork Tango. Whether it was a friendly face upon greeting our timid new beginners or getting the room rightfully ready for milonga melodies he has planned. He was forever present in our lives. He would come in, wearing a black hat, carrying the DJ speaker and box. And then, once he had set the box down, he would always greet you by shaking your hand.

As past president of the club it would fall on him to organise the direction the club was heading. However he was here in any way possible to serve the needs of the club. He would often make sure that the feet of the tango people were dancing on the smoothest of the floors. That the agenda of the meeting ran smoothly and that everyone was on the same page – even if they were reading completely different books!

The laughter was ever present around Mick. It is what saw him travel near and far with that grin on his face as he chortled his way through that joke or hooted hilariously at the sense of humour. We know that sense of humour because everyone shared in it. The big grin on his face as he turned too you with that little twinkle in his eye that makes you smile. He knew that there was a time in pulling the leg and there was a time when the music took over.

Whether he was dancing to the beat in tango; or dancing in circles, up and down, to the vals and having fun with milonga beat he was happiest where the music was. He used give out tango CD’s to whoever was interested in them. This started me in being a disc jockey in tango. I know that the same notes and tunes that I loved made many an ear bend to follow the music. Whether it was Troilo on the bandoneon or Pugliese on the piano they all pulled on the heart strings and he would just sit back and relax as the music softly played its part.

The room may be silent but you are dancing the Argentine Tango in our hearts, minds and souls.

‘Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h’anam’


As a mark of respect to the late Mick Murphy, Cork Tango’s class schedule will change for Wednesday 4th July. Beginners will proceed as normal at 7.30pm, but the improvers/intermediate class and practice sessions are canceled. Normal schedule will resume on 11th July.

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