It is starting…

Do you like to dance?
Do you like to dance?

There is a special offer for the month of September where you can pay for six classes for the price of 50 EUR if you are a new beginner. You can use these classes at any time but offer ends on the 30th of September!

3 thoughts on “It is starting…

  1. Ann,

    Yes there is just a summer break that we have. Normally we have classes on a Wednesday and milonga on a Sunday in the Metropole Hotel. Any other festivals, workshops or special events will be posted here also 🙂



    1. Thank you. I’m hoping to take my mum to some classes in Oct. I live in Canada however I’m going over to visit my mum in Cork. I’m only there from Sept 29-Oct 11th. She is a fab dancer and the Tango is her fav. She hasn’t been able to go for ages as she’s had no one to take her. She’s 83 and even tho she’s in fab shape and very fit she still wouldn’t go on her own which is why I waned to surprise her.


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