End of the Old. Beginning of the New

The next beginner class starts on the 1st of June for six weeks. It is important to realise that the ending of the classes is Wednesday the 27th of July… but that it starts all again on Wednesday 14th September in the Metropole Hotel at 1930!


The Sunday night milonga finishes on the 31st of July and they will resume again on Sunday the 11th of September at 2000.

3 thoughts on “End of the Old. Beginning of the New

  1. Hello. I am desperately trying to give my mum a bucket list wish. She is 83 lives in Cork and loves to dance the Tango….and is a pretty good dancer I have to say! Anyway I live in Canada and I’m planning a trip to Cork in Oct 2016 for a 2 week visit. Please please can you help me make her wish come true and give me some/any info on Tango classes/lessons you have going on in Oct. It would make a lovely Irish ladies dream come true 🙂


  2. Hi Ann,

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. Look forward to seeing you in October 🙂 Classes take place on Wednesday and Sundays. Best one to go for is Wednesday at 1930. If you want to check it out when it is danced socially check it out Sundays at 2000. Both currently take place in the Metropole Hotel on McCurtin Street.




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